Improving lives by encouraging recovery, healing minds and restoring hope.
Improving lives by encouraging recovery,healing minds and restoring hope.

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Century Health improves quality of and access to medical services

Century Health has added the services of three nurse practitioners, under the direction of Dr. Richard Nockowitz at My Psychiatric Partner, to its medical department. Dr. Nockowitz and his team are specialists in providing psychiatric care to children, youth, and adults through telemedicine (benefits of telemedicine include: improved access, cost effectiveness, improved quality, and meeting increasing patient demand). So, their expertise and ability to support Century Health’s team of providers will move the agency forward toward its goal of being Hancock County’s “one-stop” provider of quality, comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment to the whole family.

Dr. Nockowitz received his training at Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is a national lecturer on psychiatry, and an expert in psychiatric diagnostics and psychopharmacology. Century Health CEO John Bindas states that his recruitment of Dr. Nockowitz “underscores our commitment to reshaping the scope and quality of services we want to deliver for the community.”

The new services from My Psychiatric Partner will be adding to Century Health’s existing veteran medical team of Dr.
Basanti Basu, and Dr. George Hassink. Dr. Basu has been providing psychiatric care to Century Health’s clients for more
than 25 years and Dr. Hassink brings his expertise as an OB/GYN to our MAT (medication assisted treatment) program.
He shares that “We have an excellent treatment structure for a pathway out of opiate addiction with our MAT program.
It’s up and running and we have numerous success stories. Patients can be seen locally and very conveniently. The entire,
integrated structure of therapy for opiate addiction is all located here in Findlay and it’s been going very smoothly.”

Century Health continues to look for new and innovative ways to continue healing minds and restoring hope through
quality mental health and addiction treatment that works. The increasing need and demand for our services as well as the
constantly changing health care industry will continue to present challenges and we will continue to adjust, always with
quality client care as our central focus.


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Mental health agencies plan to join together


Century Health, Family Resource Center already sharing a CEO

By SARA ARTHURS, staff writer – The Courier


Two nonprofit organizations providing mental health care are now sharing a chief executive officer and are planning to merge.


John J. Bindas Sr., CEO of Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, is now also CEO of Century Health. The agencies have separate boards of directors but plan to merge over the next two years, Bindas said.


Family Resource Center specializes in children’s and family behavioral health services, while Century Health puts more emphasis on care for adults, Bindas said. He said before Century Health CEO Tina Pine retired in June, the agencies had started discussing ways they could collaborate. After Colleen Schlea was hired as Century Health CEO in October, those discussions continued.


Last week, the organizations announced that Bindas will serve as the role of CEO of both, with Schlea as chief operating officer. Schlea said the decision to merge grew out of what were at first more casual conversations in which representatives from both organizations realized the similarities in their missions.


Schlea said Bindas’ background is in managing nonprofits, while hers is in medical operations. She said having Bindas as CEO and her as COO is the “best of both worlds.” She said her mission will be to “really optimize the operations,” ensuring that all Century Health services are staffed and budgeted appropriately, moving toward quality improvement, and anticipating future needs.


Bindas said the partnership and eventual merger allows the agencies to collaborate on billing, accounting and human resources, using “economies of scale” and running more efficiently. He said he does not anticipate reducing staff at either organization at this point.


“The larger you are financially, the more stable your agency is,” he said.


The state is making several changes to the way mental health and substance abuse treatment is regulated and funded.

Ohio is one of the last states to move toward universal codes for billing for behavioral health, a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, said Precia Stuby, executive director of the Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services. At the same time, Ohio is moving toward “rendering providers” of mental health care, she said. This means if you are receiving counseling from someone with a doctorate in psychology, it will be billed and reimbursed differently than if it was from, for example, a licensed independent social worker. This takes effect Jan. 1.


Cash flow problems may result, as some claims may be rejected. So in mental health care, “you need to be like a squirrel, storing up your nuts,” Stuby said.


In addition, Medicaid in Ohio will become managed care effective July 1. Bindas said Medicaid now pays providers every seven days, but once they become private insurance, it will be every 30 to 45 days, which will also create cash flow problems.


Today, “The primary funding source for community mental health treatment is Medicaid,” Stuby said. She said being “one comprehensive agency” offers more negotiating power with managed care companies.


And on the local level, when a community funds nonprofits, it is looking for ways agencies can “work collaboratively,” Schlea said.


Bindas said there are some “financial challenges” at Century Health, and bringing the two organizations together will allow them to focus on the community’s needs. “The clients are the most important” but without stable funding, you can’t support the clients, Bindas said.


Bindas said when it comes to the opioid crisis, “there is a lot of need in this community.” And he said there may be opportunities to tap into more state and federal funding to address this need. Family Resource Center has a contract with an organization that helps seek funding, and Bindas said now they can now do so for adults as well as children.


“Your clients belong to families,” so it makes sense to address the needs of entire families, Schlea said. She is excited to see what working “literally cradle to grave” will mean for the community. She said it will also help collect data, to give a better snapshot of Hancock County’s behavioral health picture.


Stuby said ADAMHS has been involved in the discussions but as observers only, as the decision is being made between Century Health and the Family Resource Center. ADAMHS is “definitely” supportive of the move, she said.


“I applaud the agencies for being willing to move forward ... and put all differences aside to develop something that’s going to be best for the people that we’re here to serve,” Stuby said.


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